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Does Facebook Marketing really work in 2021?

With all the businesses turning towards digital space in these trying times, there is this buzz that Facebook marketing is declining drastically! Well, in my personal experience of practicing FB marketing across domains, it is partially true that it is waning down but we can make it work by considering these below pointers!

  1. Facebook organic post-reach is dead and to make this work, we can boost the post (for increased reach and engagement) to our target audience based on the content. The min. Boost budget on average in India is Rs.80/day

  2. The Facebook advertisement works based on three major categories: - Our audience segment - Our targeting location - Our product/services Try ensuring the audience size and result in KPIs beforehand using the Facebook ad predictions and then go ahead!

  3. Facebook stories and Facebook watch are alternatives for the organic post reach. So try creating GIFs and video content, optimized for the latest trends across the internet.

  4. Niche-based influencer affiliation for your product or service works rather than paid advertisements.

  5. FB's Lead Gen Form ads work but with the unsatisfied quality of data. Still, we can have a 20-30% genuine pool of prospects if targeted right.

Author: Nellaiappan K, Digital Marketing Strategist

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