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Digital Competitor Analysis - 2021

Digital Competitor Analysis 2021

Are you doing a digital business or working for one? In these dynamic market conditions across the digital space, analyzing your competitors' efforts & results has become a necessity.

But the question is how to do it? Well, there are lots of methodologies prevailing in the market which research experts do but here are the top 3 things that worked for me!

1. Identifying and implementing a SWOT analysis on your competitors can help you frame/enhance your business model. In this analysis, you can monitor your competitors':

  • Product/Service quality and their USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Customer support

  • Marketing strategies on a whole

  • Pricing strategy

2. Watching their conversion-centric digital space and tracking their content strategies to pull in the audience can help us understand them better and we can even figure out our missing puzzle! The digital spaces can be,

  • Purchase landing page

  • Social Media pages (Fb, Insta, YouTube, LinkedIn)

  • Referral portals like quora, blog portals, and more

3. Tracking their SEO activities and understanding their website traffic is the most important competitive analysis component in digital business. Well, this is the easiest part either. With loads of digital tools online, you can access these data in one go! The top KPI's to track on your competitors' are

  • Website traffic source

  • Top keywords for their organic traffic

  • Top-performing pages (Power pages)

  • Digital ads - highlights

Tadaa! Kindly share only if it helps:) Author: Nellaiappan K, Digital Marketing Strategist

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