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Digital Customer Experience (CX) 2021

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Increasing your customer retention rate and the customer lifecycle value is crucial in this fast-growing digital era. But this is attainable if planned right as every customers' core expectation revolves around the below three:

1. Enhanced digital purchase or digital service experience:

This is the primary expectation of any online customer to have a smooth and hassle-free checkout experience for the product/service they opted for. This can be ensured by,

  • Increased website speed

  • Easy navigation for the final CTA (Call-to-action)

  • Easy payment process (for eCommerce) with multiple digital payment modes (like Paytm, UPI, Net banking)

  • Easy return options/faster-addressing customer purchase query

2. Right communication at the right time through the right channel:

The customer purchase cycle has increased over the years with the right communication to be sent in each phase before the purchase happens. Now here is the key!

  • Ensure you communicate through the right channel as per your prospects' or customers' choice.

  • Ensure you start the communication with your final message to be conveyed as people want the update to be short and crisp.

  • The time of communication is also important as the sales pitch message should not be frequent and the 'order confirmation' message should be instant once the order is made.

3. Smooth after-sales customer support:

Almost, 70% of the business fail at this phase as they never strategize their after-sales support and this may result in losing their customer and their referrals too!

  • It's always good to have an after-sales support team to support the queries of the existing customer pool.

  • An automated AI bot to cater to the basic queries about the product/service from this pool can be an added advantage.

  • A ticket-based customer query management for all the major customer queries will be good for the long run.

Note: The above-suggested pointers may vary based on the business model, business size, CX budget, and more. Author: Nellaiappan K, Digital Marketing Strategist

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