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  • Who will teach me the Freelance Social Media Marketing (FSMM) Course?
    Aspirants will be trained by Mr. Nellaiappan K, a digital marketer by profession with six years of experience across various digital marketing modules like Social Media, Graphic Designing, SEO, Digital Consultation, PPC, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, and more.
  • What will be the FSMM course fee?
    The total course fee for Freelance Social Media Marketing is Rs.5000/- (GST inclusive). An invoice will be issued after the final payment is complete.
  • What will I study in the FSMM course?
    You will be trained in the following modules of digital marketing: Introduction to Social Media Marketing Social Media Portals and its key features Social Media Portals and its key features Graphic Designing (Basics) Social media ad Campaigns (Basics) freelancing project acquisition Drafting project proposal Framing monthly reports
  • Do I get the course certificate from The Digicorp?
    Yes! You will be provided from The Digicorp
  • Is digital marketing a good career?
    Yes! Digital Marketing is one of the hottest careers in recent years. The demand for digital marketing professionals is constantly increasing due to the emergence of digital businesses across the globe. Here are some pointers to support the statement: - Statistics say that the digital advertising market size had grown from 47 billion Indian rupees in 2015 to 199 billion Indian rupees in 2020. - A recent report suggests that India is the second-fastest-growing freelance market in the world where digital marketing professionals have a significant role. - The avg. salary for digital marketing professionals is constantly increasing over the years from entry-level to senior managers.
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