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The two hours 
Digital Strategy and Consulting 
Tailored for your Business

Is your digital marketing budget not driving sales for your business?  We got you covered!

The DigiCorp’s prime focus is to connect brands to their target customers digitally. We create data-driven strategies that have a lasting impact on your digital business.


What we help you with?

Google Ad Strategy

 for better targeting

Communication Strategy

 for better conversion

Social Media Ad Strategy

 for better targeting

Design Strategy

 for better branding

Website UI/UX Strategy

 for better engagement

Digital Automation

for better results

The Domains we serve digitally


We help universities, colleges, training centers, e-learning platforms, and other educational models in admissions.

Business Services

We help B2B service companies with branding, lead generation strategies, and project acquisition.


We help eCommerce portals and mobile apps to increase traffic or app downloads, engagement, and sales.

Retail Store

We help online and physical stores to increase walkins or web traffic, branding, and sales. 


We help startups and mid-sized IT firms with branding, project acquisition, and product subscription. 

Event Management

We help event companies to drive registrations for events and webinars.

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